Are you an Asian resident living in the UK? You may be dying to don the fashionable Pakistani salwar suits or sarees to an event, right? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t do that. First things first – find an online dealer of Pakistani dresses UK and go through their extravagant collection to find a dress of your choice. You also need to know how to ace the traditional look, and the following tips will help you in that.

Find a dress that suits your body type

If you don’t have any experience of wearing Asian outfits, you may not be able to guess what will look good on you. Opt for Anarkali suits if you’re a little on the obese side, as they will be able to hide your flabs and make you look gorgeous. Patiala suits are best for slimmer, more toned body types. Palazzo suits are trendy, amazing suits that have loose, long-legged pants that are broader at the bottom. They may be plain, printed or embellished, depending on your preferences.

Wear matching jewellery

Once you have decided on the suit, you should go ahead and buy a gorgeous jewellery set that matches it perfectly. The Asian outfits look best with stone-studded pieces of jewellery, and you have so many options to choose from. You can also go for traditional gold or silver jewellery, depending on the type of suit you are to wear and the occasion you’re donning it for.

Carry the drape appropriately

The way you carry your drape or dupatta says a lot about your personality. You can drape it like a saree pallu, pinning it on one of your shoulders, or you can go the traditional way of pinning it on both of your shoulders. You carry it on your hands, resting it on the edge of your elbows, or you can let it fall casually around your neck. Take a look at the pictures of Asian fashionistas to understand which style will suit you best. If you want to wear it like a ghunghat, you should pin it carefully on your hair to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

You can choose from diverse designer Pakistani dresses of different colours, styles and fabrics from an online store. However, it’s best to do some research before buying so that you can look gorgeous without feeling uncomfortable. Go through some online fashion magazines and YouTube videos to make the most of your traditional attire. Get ready to turn some eyes!

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